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The Lions are the best organised and most dynamic Club in the Manchester Softball League. The Lions team were set up in 2002. After gaining promotion to Division 1 of the MSL in 2006 the first team have finished in the top 3 each year since.

In 2009 our first team won the “C” nationals in the Spring and the “Gold” Nationals later in the year. The first time a British Softball team has one national championships at 2 levels in a single calendar year.

Who are we?

The Manchester Lions are the most dynamic and best organised Softball club in the Manchester Softball League. In 2006 we won promotion to division 1 of the Manchester League and also the recreational Cup at the Manchester Tournament. Softball is a recreational form of baseball and if you have enjoyed cricket or rounders in the past then softball should also appeal to you. Softball is one of the very few team sports men and women play together on equal terms and is one of Britain’s fastest growing mixed team sports. If you are interested in playing, or just want to learn more, then please get in touch.


Lions win Edinburgh Tournament

Aug 25

Lions win Blackford Cup in Edinburgh Softball Tournament!!

Totalling 105 runs and only only conceding 16 all weekend will probably mean they’ll be asking us to enter the higher competition next year.

— Lee

Lions in South Manchester Reporter

Jun 20

Lions Rock Diamond 2

Jun 09


Having won a Diamond Tournament in C Comp last year the Lions decided to try their luck in B Comp.

Little did they know that they would finish a solid 3rd and only missing getting into the final marginaly.

B Comp teams were amazed that we played in C Comp last year.


  • Dereks 3rd/4th play off game winning home run landing just short of the left field fence.
  • Daryls debut in the infield resulted in some amazing plays.
  • Strong fielding from the outfield getting the ball in quickly.
  • 8 home runs from Adam! And usual amazing pitching
  • Carols first Home Run!
  • And solid hitting from the rest of the team

Needless to say we will be in high spirits when we face the Greensox on Wednesday.

— Lee

Speeders Pulled Over

Jun 04

Mets Destroyed

May 28

Another win making the Lions record 4-0.

Miserable weather didn’t dampen the Lions Spirits who took away a strong win against a much improved Mets team.

The Gaffas performance after her being AWOL for 2 weeks on the other side of the world must have earned her the pants of Shame for next week.

Highlights include a home run from Darel, some cracking plays from Michel at third and the expected high quality of pitching we’ve come to expect from Adam. Try casoola casino the ball sponsor for this game

Speeders next week.

— Lee

Lions win first game!

Apr 30


The lions are marginally victorious 13-10 against a strong Phoenix team.

It was far too close being 6-6 at one point.

Most funny injury of the season goes to Vicky who had toe cramp in right field.

— Lee

Mets Tournament

Apr 20

The lions Finish 3rd in the 2008 Mets Tournament beating the Mavericks in the Semi Final. This is an improvement on our 4th place standing last year.

Highlights include 2 home runs from Gordon and a jumping catch from Mitch on 3rd.

The Weather this weekend at the Mets Tournament left something to be desired.

This Tournament also saw the trial of different sized balls for men and women. It was not a popular trial. For popular games try Bingo Clubhouse!

— Lee

Lions Sweep Indoor Softball Awards

Apr 06

The Lions offseason training seems to be paying off; taking 5 of the possible 6 awards on offer. The award presentation was at the last Indoor session today.

Hopefully we can take this result outside with us to our Tournament next week.

Women Home Run Total : Angela

Women Home Run Average : Gill

Male Home Run Total : Lee

Male Home Run Average : Lee

Male MVP : Adam

— Lee

Outdoor Training!

Mar 31

Outside training is in full swing and we are looking good!

BTW. Adam’s calculated that we will have 15mins extra light every Week.

— Lee


Site Updated
Mar 27

All last years tournaments game reports have now been added.

All last years fixtures have been added (not including cup)

Manchester Tournament Gallery 2007 has been added (some pictures have been removed that I deemed were too boring)

— Lee

Come on 2008!
Jul 02
Lions beat the Dodgers 21 to 19 in 8 innings.

Goodbye 2007!

Jun 02
Lions beat the Dodgers 21 to 19 in 8 innings.

Lions beat the Dodgers!

Lions beat the Dodgers 21 to 19 in 8 innings.

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